At Finance And Property Specialists (FPS), we provide property solutions for small medium and large sized businesses, no business is too big or too small.

Needing finance for your business? Starting up or growing a business can be financially challenging. FPS can help you access quality loan products to help you start a new business or grow your current business.

Business Lending Options;

Business loans can cover a wide array of business expenses such as for buying new equipment, training, or renovating facilities. Business loans can also be used to provide some business cash flow and access to funds when required.

As every business and their assets are different, not one size fits all. Business loan products are tailored to that business alone and all loans and their features will have varying interest rates and repayment conditions. Some of the types of business loans may include:

  • Commercial applications
  • Business start-ups
  • Training
  • Renovations
  • New equipment
  • Office space
  • Retail space
  • Car park
  • Industrial
  • Factories and warehousing

The team at FPS can provide you with a range of business loan and funding options best suited to your business requirements. It can be confusing and time consuming when there are a so many different loans and lending options in the market. Our team can simplify your options for you based on your specific lending criteria and work for you to ensure the best chances of your loan getting approved.

Types of business loans available include;

Business loans can be structured in a varying number of ways depending on the situation some types of business loans are:

  • Business Overdraft
  • Line of Credit loan
  • Business Development Loan
  • Bank Bill loans
  • Low Doc Commercial Loans
  • Equipment finance
  • Interest only loans
  • Term loans

FPS can take any confusion out of applying for a loan. We will ensure you understand all aspects of your loan and loan features. Ensuring you get the best business loan for your circumstances

The FPS Financial services team will work for you to find the most competitive loans from over 30 banks and lenders. If you’re seeking a business loan, talk to us today. We will discuss the different business loans and providers available and find you a business loan that will be best suited to your business needs.

We can make appointments to meet you when it’s convenient for you. Call to arrange a meeting us today on 0405 096 574, we can arrange to come and see you on a day, time and place which suits your schedule best.

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